Is Cake Fattening? Easy, 1 Slice Won’t Hurt Will It?

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Is Cake Fattening?

The straightforward answer to is cake fattening? Is, yes, it most definitely is. Although its taste can take you away on a delightful journey, it has a lot of awful ingredients for us. Why? That is so typical I know of something that tastes so delicious but is so bad for us and our diets! I hear you cry.




Is Cake Fattening, Of Course, It Is

Well, in this post, I will talk about this super-tasting foodstuff. But, is cake fattening, yes or no? Well, I have to tell you, unfortunately, it is very fattening indeed, so I am sorry to bring you bad news, but this is a fact.

Initially, it is to celebrate special occasions. However, nowadays it has become a regular thing, as shops that sell it will pop up on nearly every street corner.


The availability of this terrible item is a DANGEROUS temptation for any would-be dieters out there. It is even more so for anyone who is dieting right now.

I hope that the post is answering the question, is cake fattening? So far, I hope it is!

How Much Cake Is Too Much?

t is beautiful, absolutely fine to eat it on occasion, as a treat, but this is where it should STOP. It should not be a regular part of your diet, not AT ALL.

So, please, do not panic if you have recently eaten or are going to eat a piece as the ODD SLICE WILL NOT HARM YOU and make any significant changes to your appearance. Even so, it is best left alone when you are on a diet. In other words, is cake fattening, the answer to the question is yes.

You have to, however, keep in mind, the gorgeous tasting cake is very more-ish, and what tends to happen is, rarely do we as people stop at just one slice. I certainly know I did not.

So, Is Cake Fattening?

It was so gorgeous I always had a second (and sometimes third or even fourth, but maybe it is just me.) No, for dieters, there is no way you will naturally lose the weight eating this source of “energy” (food)

After all, the intention of food at a basic level is to provide us with energy.

There are many cakes in the world, and you can buy most of them at the local shop. Some are worse than others. However, it often feels like you need a degree to work out what ingredients are useful/harmful in the make-up of whichever item you are thinking of buying. Is cake fattening, and do you need to be smart? Yes.

Do You Need Cake A Degree?

Let me ask you a question if I may, are degrees irrelevant? Do you understand the meaning of most of the ingredients on the outer packaging of your chosen foodstuff? I know millions of us do not do it. I know this for sure as I asked a hundred random people-

“Do you understand the ingredients label on the packaging,” and do you know what the numbers came back saying? Ninety-seven did NOT understand them. So this is 970 out of every 1000 people who do not know what they are looking at, no, they did not.

That is sad in today’s world, that saddens me, that we, the people who buy the food from the manufacturers for them to turn a profit, and yet, do not even know what EXACTLY it is we are also putting into ourselves.

We Need More Education On Foods & Is Cake Fattening.

I feel more food education should be made available. That or EVEN CLEARER signs and even messages stamped on the packaging. It will allow us to either buy the product or put it back on the shelf.

Therefore, a bit of my anger must go toward cakes and their massive over-sale. If we only knew how harmful this lovely-looking and tasting foodstuff was for us. Would it still be eaten with such happiness, I very much doubt it.

Why not try these gorgeous protein isolate cake/cereal bars?. Read about them over on Amazon.

So is cake fattening? Yes, so, if it pleases you to learn of some healthy foods, then why not look at these two posts. One leads to another. Here you will find YET MORE about foods and suggestions as to what you can and should eat.

Not just when you are dieting. Try reading a list of healthy foods to lose weight. And even if you do not need to lose any, you will still benefit from looking and reading it!

In short, is cake fattening? YES, it is.

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