Butter vs. Margarine: Nutritional Values 1 In Particular


Butter Vs Margarine

Well now, butter vs. margarine, nutritional values are listed here for your reading pleasure. Most people have heard about butter and how it is meant to be very fattening for you. And that you should indeed swap over to margarine. Well,  this “advice” came out some twenty-odd years ago.

Butter Vs. Margarine: More Research

Since then, butter vs. margarine. Well, now, there has been a lot more research. And it may be quite surprising to many of you. You can read a very in-depth article all about butter right here.

Butter Vs Margarine, Nutritional Values Listed Here So Keep Listening

Yes, ever since the introduction of margarine, people would see it as a healthy alternative to butter — all of the goodness but none of the fat. Well, Well, we know now that you will never lose weight naturally while eating margarine. It is not healthy for us at all.

The Fats In Both Of Them

Each of the two foodstuffs will contain some fats. But are they good fats or bad fats? Read on to see and learn more.

Please, go here to read a comparison chart about butter Vs. Margarine. Because you will find it a useful piece of information.

Now, although butter and margarine are in many of the same culinary recipes, what sets them apart is the different kinds of fats that they contain.

ButterPhotograph Of Some Margarine That Is Spread On Some Toast.

Moreover, the fat content, I know, is a substantial concern for anyone who is watching their weight. Ultimately, it affects the texture and taste of the butter. That is why there are differing amounts of fats in the various butters available to us.

However, I must say this in the article butter vs. margarine. And that as butter comes from animal fat, it does contain cholesterol and is higher in saturated fat than margarine.

On the other side of things, margarine comes from vegetable/Plant oil, so you think it would be much healthier right? Well, no.

Butter has around 80% milk fat. It also has high water content, (16 – 18%)

Is Milk Good For You?

The other component that makes up butter is milk solids. You can burn these, so be careful when cooking. They are also very rich in protein as you would expect from a milk derivative!

Now, as I previously alluded to, butter has a high-fat concentration which may well put a lot of dieters off it, as they are trying to lose the weight, right naturally? Not gain weight!

It Has Saturated Fat

As taboo as the subject is, butter is very high in a type of fat known as saturated fat. That, however, has been misrepresented and new studies show that the old research on this fat is WRONG.

There is no association whatsoever between saturated fat and cardiovascular health. (Heart health)

Therefore, this BUTTER is healthy food and, in moderation, should be OK for you not gaining weight.


As I will say earlier in the article, margarine, the powers that be recommended over twenty years ago. That it should replace all FORMS OF butter,  BUT Now the same forces will say that this was the wrong idea.

The “Authorities” at this time thought they were advising on a more healthy switch over from butter to margarine. THEY WERE NOT.

You see, one thing these “Authorities” did not account for was the high amounts of trans-fats that margarine contained. It is now a fact that these “Bad” fats are responsible for a whole host of diseases.

A Graph That Shows The Resulting Effect Butter And Margarine Has On Heart Disease
Image Courtesy Of Stephen Guyenet


Can Cause Heart Disease

As can be seen in the graph, butter has less of an effect on heart disease.

You must note this.

Another point that one must listen to is from where the plant oils margarine originates. More closely resemble plastic by the time hydrogenation has been undergone.

These hydrogenated oils, once when you eat them, may result in the blood becoming much thicker.

A Blood Pressure Increase

Therefore, it can lead to an increase in a person’s blood pressure. That is because the heart has to work a little harder to pump the blood around the body.

Studies also back up the effects that both types of food have on men’s and women’s hearts.

Margarine contains many additives too. For instance, they have in the food dyes, to try and get the color of butter.

It Has Lecithin In It

It contains an ingredient called lecithin, which although when you have it in small amounts, is not very harmful to us. However, it typically comes from GM crops (genetically modified).

They may go some way to explaining the sharp increase in allergic reactions when you ingest the foodstuff. Therefore, these are not good points at all.

Source – The adverse effects of margarine by  SUPERHUMAN COACH

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