Is Butter Bad For You? Easy To Answer, No, Not That Bad

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Is Butter Bad For You?

Margarine is the better of the two, or so people would have you believe, however, up until recently, is butter bad for you? The answer is unusual, no. Precisely as with SALT and SUGAR, moderation is crucial. In other words, don’t overeat it.

At least these are certain viewpoints. Some will say that butter is excellent, and MARGARINE could be “deadly.” So who or what are we to believe, is it butter or margarine?

Well, in this post, I will dig deeper into both sides of the story and list all of the information. Then you can decide as to whether you will eat butter or maybe margarine. After all, the choice will be entirely yours.



Is Butter Bad For You?

Is Butter Bad For You? Read On And Learn

Reporters from the Daily Telegraph newspaper (UK) say that the trans fats found in margarine were likely to “increase the risk of obesity – a condition that can have a bad effect on the quality of life.” Daily Telegraph

They were reporting on the findings of a critical study carried out at the University of Toronto.  You can read the results of the BMJ study

This study had funds from the NBCI  on butter is here.

Avoid Butter And Full Fat Milk?

Guidelines that had their introduction in the ’80s (1983) Would tell people to avoid butter and full-fat milk. Experts now say this is incorrect. They said the trial that they did was “flawed.” And they also say it “lacked any solid trial evidence to back it up.” This survey was a ground-breaking one, and it was the first of its kind.

In an era where the amount of fat that people were consuming represented one-fifth of the average person’s diet in the UK. It’d be no good if you were trying to lose the weight naturally!

Nowadays, scientists believe it to be accurate, yes correct that this lousy information is partly responsible for the obesity problem that we now face.

The professionals say that we cannot understand the advice. And it had its first introduction to 220 million Americans back in 1977 six years earlier than the UK study.

When they publish a new review, it will say that “The dietary advice not only needs a review, they should not introduce it, to begin with.”

Butter Has A Lot Of Saturated Oils (Is Butter Bad For You?

A series of newspapers ran the headlines that would say this. “Saturated fat is not as bad for you as once thought” (butter has a very high content of saturated fat)

I guess the question that is on everyone’s lips is this. “But what about all of the health advice that people are saying?”

Here’s some advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO). They will say to have NO MORE THAN 10% of all the calories that you consume coming from saturated fat. That means to us that again, as usual, a little bit cannot hurt us!


Well, is butter bad for you?

There Is Bad Advice On Butter

The trouble is that nutritional advice by nature often has views that contradict each other, so who is correct? The example just given illustrates this point precisely. You see, the problem lies in the method behind most dietary surveys.

They expect it from what a person ate a long time earlier on. And I do not know about you? But I find it impossible to think of what I at even a couple of weeks before, which is why a lot of the data is not accurate.

We will now think that saturated fats are no worse for you than carbohydrates or protein. And that we should all know by now that too many carbs are bad for your weight.

Again. That would suggest to us that eating a little of butter has no ill effects on us whatsoever. That is if we are to believe the studies. Let us hope that in another 23 years we do not get the results of a survey. That will say, “Actually, the results of the first survey were correct.”

At a study at the University of East Anglia, a Doctor Lee Hooper led a survey on saturated fat. He would conclude this by saying this. “What we realize is that in the last few years, saturated fat isn’t quite the villain we once thought.”

 Margarine And Not Butter?

A doctor Dr. Aseem Malhotra who is a London cardiologist (Anything to do do with the heart in medical terms). And is an advisor to the national obesity forum. Strongly argues that the findings published by the Harvard School Of Public Health.

They will find that replacing saturated fats (found in butter) with unsaturated fats (found in margarine). Well, it would severely lower the chance of suffering from a heart attack.

He says that “I would choose butter over margarine any day of the week. And, I advise my patients to do the same”

You can read the articles/s HERE.

Is Butter Good Or Bad Though?

He then goes on to say butter is neither good nor bad for our health. (its effects are probably “neutral,” he says) But he has concerns about margarine: “I believe it’s potentially harmful.”

So you see, it is difficult to distinguish between the two, butter or margarine. I would imagine that your diet does not contain a lot of butter anyway. So, you could get from this, and you will be alright eating it. Providing that is, you do not go overboard with it.



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