Folding electric treadmill: It Will Help You Lose Weight


Want to see how a folding electric treadmill can do good things for your health? Then here it is, the AW 3.0 hp. It is for having massive effects on your body shape and, thus, it’s good for your health too.

A Woman Running On The folding electric Treadmill



It Has A Wide Range Of Features

Moreover, it has a wide range of features; this treadmill renders you a comfortable workout session at home. The fitness equipment comes with the certification of RoHS and CE. That means you can count as one of the best fitness equipment available in the market. Your workout will be useful at the office as well as the home.

At a very reasonable price, the AW 3.0 hp Folding Electric Treadmill is with an LCD that helps you track your workout session and get a proper report of your heart condition. Treadmills are especially avoidable for the space they consume. But with the AW 3.0 hp, Folding Electric Treadmill is equipment with the foldable option.

Easy Workout For Faster Fat Burning

Fat stands as one of the main obstacles to leading a healthy and fit life. Shedding those extra kilos is not that easy if you sit ideal and think of some miracle to happen. Undoubtedly exercises are annoying, but with this folding electric treadmill, one can convey energy to these exercising sessions.

It not only leaves your body free of the extra unwanted fat. It will also help in preventing diseases and helps stress and depression in your life.

You can track your exercise and heart rate while being on the treadmills. It displays scan, calories, heart rate, speed, distance, and time. With the emergency stop key, you can stop your machine anytime in the middle of the workout session.

This treadmill is useful and is an essential piece of fitness equipment. You need it to regain energy and increase your metabolism. Basically, to stay active for long hours.

The AW 3.0 hp Folding Electric Treadmill Review

Exercising sessions are boring, mainly when the extra calories stick to your body despite your tries. Well, with the AW 3.0 hp Folding Electric Treadmill you don’t have to think of those fats. This equipment will give you the most exciting and exciting workout experience that hard you have experienced in the past.

The treadmill is with an emergency key that can stop the equipment whenever you want or had a fall. You can enjoy music or your favorite serials while doing exercise. This equipment makes your session interesting while effectively working on your body and reducing the number of extra fats that make you look bulky.

Lose That Extra Fat, Afterall; You Don’t Need It

Fitness is always something that every human wants. Having that extra fat means you will look bulky and, well, overweight. And hence, you can’t wear your favorite dresses or suits.

However, despite that, fat also brings along a lot of health issues. Exercise is one way out that can render you the life that you want. Thus, here are some of the benefits of exercise;

  • Treadmills help because of  the following
  • Helps in toning of muscles
  • Provides you a perfectly toned figure
  • Increases creativeness and alertness
  • Makes you more attentive
  • The easy way to get rid of depression
  • Directs you to live a better living

The Size Of The AW 3.0 hp Folding Electric Treadmill

  • 51″ length, 22″ width and 49.6″ height

A Photo Showing Different Bits Of The Treadmill

Size When It Folds

  • 8″ diameter, 22″ width and 49.6″ height

Runway Size

  • 3″ length and 12.5″ width


  • 56.2 lbs

Materials For The Folding Electric Treadmill

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • ABS control panel
  • PVC running belt
  • US Standard Plug type

Specification of The Folding Electric Treadmill

  • 110V voltage
  • 50-60 Hz frequency
  • 3 HP drive motor

The Electric Folding Treadmill Package

  • Firstly, the folding electric treadmill: 1 unit
  • Secondly, some lubricating oil: 1 unit
  • Thirdly, a manual: 1 unit


Features The Folding Electric Treadmill

  • 330lbs user weight
  • LCD multi-function display
  • Monitors heart rate
  • An emergency key for stopping
  • Safety padded foam balance handrails
  • 1100 W motor with low noise technology
  • Built-in 3 workout programs
  • 2 degree fixed incline
  • Foldable design
  • Two units of easy transportation wheels
  • Two units of bottle holders
  • RoHS and CE certification
  • A detailed study of AW 3.0 hp Folding Electric Treadmill

Weight Capacity And Noise

The AW 1100W Folding Electric Treadmill can accompany a user weight of 330 lbs, which is quite a hefty number for all to use this equipment as part of their fitness regime. As well as the fact you can enjoy your workout session on this machine while listening to your favorite music. You may also watch movies.

However, the 3.0 hp motor renders very low noise at the time of your exercise. That will ensure that you can enjoy your workout session with less distraction.

Stop key

The stop key is for an emergency purpose, which makes sure that you can stop your treadmill. Stop it at the moment you want to do so. In case you fall over on the running belt, you can use this key to stop the machine. That will be so that no fatal accident.

Workout Programs

The folding electric treadmill has preset three workout programs; they call them the P1, P2, and P3. With the help of the button, you can select your workout mode much more comfortable.

It has two 2-degree inclines. However, you can change the speed of the equipment by 1-10 km/hour.


The LCD is multifunctional, which will record speed, calories, scan, heart rate, distance, and time.  Still, there are two bottle holders on the side of the show.

You can quickly read the figure on the monitor and can manage your health condition. Nevertheless, you will have to work to understand the statistics that you want to see.

Pros: Too many

  • There is no noise.
  • There is an emergency brake for stopping.
  • It also has a powerful motor.
  • There are three workout programs.
  • It will be an enjoyable workout session.
  • You can fold it.
  • And you can easily transport it with two wheels.
  • It also has user-friendly pricing.

Cons: Only two

  • There is a limit of two degrees for the incline.
  • And finally, the bottle holder is small.

Our Final Thoughts

There are many treadmills available in the market that function efficiently, although they come with a hefty price tag. However, the AW 3.0 hp folding electric treadmill is one such machine. Hence, you can seriously trust for having an intense workout and that too within your budget. We recommend readers to give it a thought.

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