10 Foods For Healthier Hair


Healthier Hair

It is something a lot of us want. But how to get healthy hair? There is a lot of bad stuff out there when talking about this. I will be writing down some foods that have a positive outcome on your new healthy hair.

There are a variety of foods that can help to keep the hair healthy. They will bring out the best in it. Have some of these foods in your diet.

Firstly, and top food in our healthy diets for losing weight naturally is nuts. These contain loads of something called selenium. That mineral is of pressing importance for getting healthy hair and a good scalp.

Nuts, in general, contain omega three, which it has can help to condition your hair. Omega 3 also has many more good things about it. I will get into it later in this and other posts.

Healthy Hair Is What We Need

Healthy Hair Is What We Need - How To Get It? Eat These Foods

We Need Eggs For Healthy Hair

Eggs are an excellent giver of protein. That, in itself, is great to get healthy hair. And, I am going to mention to you in other posts. It essential if to want to lose weight naturally, for sure.

They also help to keep your hair shiny, and it does not break as quickly. Which, as we all know, are the two things that are for very healthy hair.

And Zinc Too

That is yet another food that contains the mineral zinc, and that is crucial in having healthy hair. An excellent source of zinc is in the grains and nuts that we ingest. And it is also in the delicacy oyster.
Although, these are an aphrodisiac and do not make up many an average diet.

As Well As Poultry

In general, a bird is another fantastic provider of protein for us humans. As you may or may not know, protein is critical in keeping our hair looking superb.
While you are eating low-fat meats, you are also helping your hair. It will either stay the same or become more healthy.

Want Healthy Hair: No White “Bleached” Products

Wholemeal Bread Slices

Try and swap your bleached products (white bread is one such foodstuff.) With that of the wholemeal variety. That is a lovely source of iron, vitamin B, and zinc, which again helps in getting healthy hair.

The plus points of the swap are that you will gain more energy from this type of bread, more than you would from the white bread. As well as this, you will be getting on the path to losing weight naturally, which is your goal, yes? Having healthy hair will come along with it.


That is very important for a healthy head of hair. The omega-three lines the cells of the scalp and keeps it and your hair hydrated. It is also a natural oil which the hair needs.
You will find it in all oily fish such as sardines, trout, and mackerel.

Vitamin A

The body also needs vitamin A. That helps us to produce something called sebum. That can help in getting rid of the itchy scalp that we all at one time or another have had. It is also a natural conditioner for the hair.

Vitamin A is also in dark leafy greens, melons, sweet potato, carrots, tuna fish, apricots, mangoes, red peppers, and more.

Vitamin E

It is yet another vital factor in having good healthy hair. You see, a lot of people think that the sun can only damage our skin. What they do not very often connect it to lousy hair in general.

Vitamin E is a natural protector of your hair against the sun’s harmful rays on our body.
So naturally, it should become a big part of any natural diet for weight loss. If it is hot where you live, you may come into direct contact with the sun.

A Photograph Of Some Delicious Looking Foods, But Are Walnuts Fattening

Nuts And Sunflower Seeds Are Fantastic For Healthy Hair

Nuts and sunflower seeds have a very high concentration of this vitamin in them, along with fish. Especially salmon and herring. Pumpkin, olive oil, and broccoli contain vitamin E as well.

A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair, and all the while, you are still going to get natural weight loss. Try having these kinds of foods, and they have a triple benefit, your weight, your hair, and your health in general.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a  super vitamin for hair vitality and growth. In particular, B 71. It is one of the 12 members of the vitamin B family. It improves the overall health of your hair and its texture as well.

That is a favorite among many as a hair growth vitamin. It is on account of it containing something called biotin, which is brilliant for the hairs’ thickness and overall volume.

Vitamin B 12 is in foods such as tuna, trout, salmon, and herring, as well as chicken liver and beef liver pate.

A Big Positive

So, you are only doing yourself as a big positive by eating healthily. Stay away from all the foods that are no good and do not eat them.

And remember as well as being healthy on the inside. The extra good things about eating the right stuff will show in the quality of your skin, also in the look of your new healthy hair too. Plus, you will either be working towards or maintaining your weight at what it should be.

Control You Diet For Healthy Hair

Once you have your diet under control, all that you need to have is the second thing. You need this for your weight loss attempt to be a success.

I am, of course, talking about the exercise. Go to this link, Home gym fitness equipment. You will see some items which will help you in your weight loss battle.

Please leave any comments or questions below.

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