20 Things What Not To Eat: Avoid These For Total Weight Loss


What Not To Eat While Dieting

In this article we will discuss what not to eat while dieting, which some of them should be pretty self explanatory such as chocolate cake, caramel popcorn, cheesecake, rocky road ice cream, you should avoid pretty much all high sugar content food and beverages.



What Not To Eat When Losing Weight?

Avoid Sugar While Dieting

Don’t Drink Soda When Dieting

Well, I gave you the ingredients that you should have in stock for a healthy diet foods menu. They are excellent, but listed below are foods, what not to eat as they will only add to your weight and concerns for a fact.

Avoidance is a word you will hear a lot in this post of mine. Because I cannot stress enough the real importance of it, after all, you do want to lose some weight? Well, read it and learn.

Below this is food to avoid, so do your best to stay away from them and the drinks also.  These are all things that fall under what not to eat while dieting.

1)  Alcohol – You should avoid all types of alcoholic beverages while dieting because it is very calorific (High in calories) also, alcohol converts into sugars and thus weight gain.

2) Fast food – It is high on my list of what not to eat while dieting. There is a lot of evidence and should be common sense to work out that this kind of food is terrible for you.* It, amongst others, has a very high concentration of fat, grease, high salt content, and sugars.

*For example, the oil in which they fry chips in – It is very fattening. Eating this kind of food is a sure-fire way to stop any diet plans you may have had. A definite one for what not to eat while losing weight list.

3) Avoid eating sausages and burgers unless they are low in fat which should be only eaten in moderation even if low in fat. Try to stick to the white meats, Such as chicken and pork, for example).

4) Pies

5) Ice cream.           

6) Donuts.

7) Crisps ( Unless they are low-fat ones)

8) All the cakes are bad for you. (Again you should only eat low-fat cakes). Although some people find that the flavor is somewhat different.

9) Certain meats – It is better that you avoid meats with a high amount of saturated fats. As these again will ruin any of your diet plans.

10) All soft drinks. Fizzy “pop” has lots of sugars.

11) Chocolate Bars.

12) Milkshakes (Unless skimmed milk, Which very few are.)

13) Biscuits and cookies.

14) Popcorn.      

15) Soy milk.

16) White bread.

17) Chips and French fries.

18) Potato (You should eat them in moderation as they are full of starchy carbohydrates). Thus, they are not suitable for your weight.

19) White chocolate.

20) Too much coffee.

What Not To Eat While Dieting Conclusion

The foods noted above made what not to eat to lose weight list. Because, when you are on a diet, you really MUST stay away from fatty or sugary food and drinks and similar. Therefore, you should NOT HAVE them, indeed not often.

Remember this list is about what not to eat to lose weight, so read it thoroughly and REMEMBER it. You will need to look at it a lot, I would hope.

Be strict, tough on yourself, and you will be sure to succeed. Please be sure that you stay away from ALL JUNK FOOD. You need to lose weight, or else surely, you would not be here on this page.

I will try to help you with your transformation/ Journey. And I will undoubtedly have your journey running a lot smoother. Just drop me an email at support@whatisweightlossabout.com, and I will help you.

Do Not Just Be Wishful Thinking

To think that losing weight will happen more comfortably than anything is just wishful thinking. We are all aware that wishful thinking gets us nowhere.

So think of your target weight and keep this in your mind at all times. As much as you may have doubts, you will succeed if you follow the advice on this site.

You must remain in a state of complete focus. Remember that you cannot afford to have a bad day as it will throw you off course. And, it may undo all of your hard work up until that point.

Consistency, as I have said before, is key to this weight loss plan of yours.

So if you can possess these three elements (Consistency, determination, and focus), Then you are ready.

Although please remember, stick to this advice on the right things to eat. You should steer clear of what not to eat.

You see, once you have got your diet under control and you learn what not to eat. Then, all that you need to have is the other half of the fix. That is for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring?

Yes, exercise!  If you can get your diet under control and exercise then you will shed the pounds!  That sums up our article about what not to eat while dieting.

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