10 Tips On How I Lost Weight With Diet And Exercise: So Can You


In the post which will follow, I am going to tell you how I lost weight with diet and exercise. Sounds simple in theory, right? Well, yes, it is. However, doing the two takes a lot of focus and determination. Although it may seem like the most basic of ideas, they are the best possible route forward.

Now, I am well aware that the word diet will scare a lot of people, but, instead, think of it as a DIETARY CHANGE. One in which you will eat healthily in favor of all the junk food you will have undoubtedly chosen to eat.


Here follow some tips on eating healthy that you should try and do.

  1.  Eat a lot of fruit.
  2. Also have a lot of vegetables, especially green ones.
  3. Replace your junk snacks with healthy ones like nuts.
  4. Read the labels when buying. Be sure they are low in sugar and salt.
  5. Eat portions of a reasonable size. Use this scale below to measure out the size and amount of food you SHOULD BE EATING.

Using The Digital Scale In This Photograph I How I Lost Weight With DIET And Exercise


6. Always try and buy fresh foods. They are much better for you healthwise than frozen food.

7. If you are eating healthy or trying to lose weight, you should have a notebook.

8. You must drink plenty of water too. A lot of people have dehydration all of the time. That can lead the person to THINK that they are hungry. However, it may be that they are thirsty. Seriously, when you next feel hungry, try drinking a couple of glasses of water. Then you may well have the hunger feeling disappear.

9. If time allows it, do a mealtime plan. I did this and had a lot of surprise about how effective this was. Write down the three main mealtimes for you. Then, write down three snack times for in between your main mealtimes. Be sure to write only three down and no more. You are trying to lose weight, not gain it.

10. And finally, be sure to have enough sleep. The research will prove to you how crucial this will be in losing weight.

A Globe With Many Words To Do With Health And Exercise

That Is How I Lost Weight With Diet At Least

And now, what will be the second part of your two tasks to be successful with your weight loss. I am, of course, talking about some exercise.

As the saying is, any exercise is better than no exercise at all. And, this is especially true when we are talking about weight loss.

However, not all activity is going to be the best exercise for weight loss. Your health could improve yes, and with some, you may lose a little weight as well.

Although, there are some which you can do that work best for you losing your fat.

It is very accurate that things like playing tennis, for example, will be a very healthy past-time. However, it is not the best form of cardio you can do. As another example of a super cardio workout, could be the treadmill.  That is the best form of conditioning that you can do.

How I Lost Weight With Exercise, Wasn’t Easy, But I Did It

How I lost weight with exercise was by doing any whereby my heart rate went to 140 beats per minute or higher. It is when it reaches 140 BPM that your body will enter its fat burning mode. That is when you will be losing weight, no doubt at all.

When you do start your new exercise, be sure to do it until you can physically do no more of it. Then rest, sleep, or whatever. And return to it a day or two later. It is critical that you allow your body to recover. So, if you are NOT DOING THIS, it will result in an injury, or it will plain fail to work.

And picking up an injury is something we don’t want/need to happen at all. It will mean that you cannot exercise, and, without the exercise part of the fix, you will lose your battle.


That is something to keep at the front of your mind. And on a lighter note, here is some fantastic fitness equipment YOU CAN USE TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS.

All of this equipment has with it an excellent review.

Rowing Machines

Exercise Bikes

Elliptical Trainers

The information in this post is how I lost weight with diet and exercise. It may not, however, work for everybody. But the chances of you being successful are high indeed.




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