How Many Calories In An Egg


How Many Calories In 1 Egg?

How Many Calories In An egg?

Low And Behold The Healthy Egg

In this post, We will tell you how many calories are in an egg. Moreover, if it will affect your diet, in the case you eat eggs, well, they will not hurt your diet. Let us explain some more.

They are great to eat. As we would expect, it is a very healthy foodstuff. It is full of all kinds of good things, especially protein.

But, how many calories in an egg? That is a common question. As these days we have become a lot more health conscious.

Calorie counting, for some of us, has become something of a hobby. However, it does, of course, depend on the method with which you cook them to eat eggs. (If you are adding oil to fry, salt, and so on).

You see, most us have will realize that bodybuilders and certain athletes eat these simple foods. But what do they do for us?

Calories on size of egg

(1) Small Egg =             54 calories

(1)Medium Egg =         63 calories

(1)Large Egg =              72 calories

(1)Extra-Large egg =  80 calories

(1)Jumbo egg =            90 calories

Although, please do keep in mind. When answering how many calories are in an egg? The number of calories may change slightly. That will depend on the way that you choose to cook them. We are aware that we say this twice, but you must remember it.

We are giving you the calories of just an egg and anything that you have to cook them in. Therefore, you should then add the calories of your way of cooking them. Add it to the 75 – 90 for the egg. It COULD soon add up.

Not Many Calories In An Egg Then, Do Not Worry They Are Good For A Diet
In addition, they can be useful for a diet. They will help you with any weight loss program. So we say this. “they are very healthy for you.” Moreover, a large egg will take away that feeling of hunger that you may have.

That will go when you eat them, as eggs even by themselves are a filling kind of food because they contain protein. So, when you want to know how many calories are in an egg, Research will say that eating eggs on a daily basis. Well, it will help to limit the calories that you will eat for that day.

And so, with this said. In a single medium-sized egg, the calories will only be 65 – 72. For how full you will feel when you eat them. This number is good.
And we all know that feeling full is good for weight loss. Why? Because when we feel full, we do not want to eat anything else. So less time is spent eating lousy food.


Not only are eggs low in calories they also are jam-packed full of nutrients and vitamins including protein and other helpful things our body relies on.

Yes, they contain B-2 which is Riboflavin. That helps us to digest the foods we eat and will assist in turning the food into energy.

Vitamin B-12 also goes by the name of Cobalamin, This helps by playing a vital role in the reproduction of red blood cells.

(1) egg contains 10% of Cobalamin which is Vitamin B12.

Vitamin E which is known as Tocopherol, this is VERY IMPORTANT in the fight that our bodies undergo on a daily basis against the evil free radicals which are responsible for cell and skin damage hence the aging process. Ever wondered why someone who eats a lot of eggs looks a lot younger and less wrinkly.

(1) egg contains a little over 1% of vitamin E which is very little but it’s better than none.

They are a brilliant source of Phosphorous. Which as some of us may know, is an essential thing in keeping strength in our bones. So overall bone development and growth. They are also useful for strengthening teeth.

They contain a high amount of zinc. Zinc is responsible for keeping your immune system running at full capacity.

(1) large egg contains around 5% of the DV (27)

You can find iron too in these delicious foodstuffs. Lack of iron can sometimes be the reason if we are feeling agitated or irritable, even sleepy and tired.

(1) large egg contains 3% iron or 0.6 mg

A single medium-sized calorie will only be 65 – 72 calories and have all this goodness in them. Well, we do not find that to be a very high figure, as you can eat them in many different ways.

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