I Am Tired Of Being Fat: Well You Do Not Have To Be Fat Forever


I used to say I am tired of being fat until the day I realised I was the only one who was responsible for my weight. Ultimately it was my fault that I was so overweight (nearly double my original weight before my accident) My fault. However, if you do have a medical condition, then it will more than likely not be your fault.

I knew one day that I must change. And I am assuming that you have reached this point as well seeing as you are reading this post?

I Am Tired Of Being Fat Says An Overweight Cartoon Man. He Looks Angry

Social And Health

I knew that I really had to sort myself out, not only for social aspects but also for my own personal healths sake. I realised that I had just turned 38 and was certainly not getting any younger. And so, I wanted to have lost at  LEAST 4 stones (56 lbs) by the time I had reached the ripe old age of 40. So sick was I of people glancing at me as if they were saying “Look at the state of that”

I was well aware that my lifespan was growing shorter with every day that was passing, every burger I ate, every packet or 10 of crisps that I munched my way through.

No, I really had grown tired of being fat.  NOW as I have said before, the ball really had landed in my court and the choices I had were to ignore everything and just carry on, or, grab the bull by the horns and really REALLY try this time to make a real go of this weight loss attempt

Well, I guess what you’re dying to really know is if I hit my target of 56 lbs in just under 2 years? Yes, I did. In fact, I hit it without any problems. And I went a long way over it and this was all trying to naturally lose the weight as well. Without the aid of any of these weight loss pills. You can get hold of them far too easily in my humble opinion. This is no answer to you saying I am tired of being fat.

Fitting It In Around Work

Now I am well aware that this is not a massive amount but when fitting it around work and social activities I was still more than pleased with the result.

Following this, I will tell you exactly what it was that I did to reach my goal/s as they did turn into goals just as soon as I became aware of how to lose weight naturally.A Hammer And Spanner That Symbolizes Work

I will not lie to you. It was a very tough challenge that I had set myself as there was no support for me at all. And it also happened that I didn’t have any computer experience. So I had to rely on going to the library which as I’m sure you can imagine was a massive inconvenience for me. It was not very far away but It felt like a really long journey at first. Given the condition, my body was in. However, I was sick of saying I am tired of being fat.

Thankfully this was to get easier and easier as time went by as I was becoming considerably lighter and lighter simply by following some of the fantastic information I had been reading.

You see I have said before in other posts when I said I am tired of being fat. I did start to do a lot of research. As it is your friend dear reader. Whatever you do you do not want to start this challenge without first doing some preparation and readying yourself for a difficult task. After all, is losing weight easy to do, no, it is not, but I amongst countless others are living proof that you can do it once you are ready up to go.

I Am Tired Of Being Fat

I can hear you wondering right now what did I do and how and when. Well sure, I will inform you of my daily routine. The only things that change really are the varieties of foods that I am eating. This happened for about 7 years prior to my disability I might add.

The absolute first thing I do when I wake up fresh from a good nights rest (hopefully) fully refreshed is I do some gentle stretching exercises. Then I actually went for a 2-mile jog around a housing estate and park. Now I am an early riser so there was little traffic on the roads at this time and very rarely did I see anyone. This was great. There were fewer distractions.

You really should read and learn the reasons why exercising straight away is actually more beneficial by going here.

Once I had returned home I then went for a quick shower before I had some breakfast. Obviously a very healthy breakfast. Now I am also very aware that a select few of the readers of this may be too obese/Fat or unfit to do this activity. So this part is just for people who are wishing to lose some weight and/or just get more healthy.

Then there were two things that I used to do before exiting my home for work was to prepare some lunch for myself and also make up a carry-jug of juice. Every morning I did this without fail.

Once I had prepared then off I went.

Mid-Morning Snack

For my mid-morning snack very often I would eat a hand-full, sometimes two of cashews. As these are  REALLY healthy for you. This would usually be followed by an apple or a yoghurt depending on how I felt. There were, however, countless times that I was at the beginning really hungry and could have eaten a mountain of food but the cravings very soon went away. Once my body was getting better at taking in the healthy food which it was receiving.

Food For LunchBroccoli In A White Sauce For A Healthy Lunch

Lunchtime for me was always a tempting one. I could usually have eaten anything and lots of it. Alas, though, for I had made my mind up to get healthy. And that was what I was going to do so, eat healthy foods for lunch I did.

As I grew more used to this way of eating. It really did become easier and like second nature to me. Follow a similar thing and you really cannot go wrong with this!


So this was my day for a long time. Then I, unfortunately, suffered an accident and went from well under 11 stones (147 lbs)  to a massive 256 lbs. You can read a little about me here. It seems that now a weight loss campaign found me. I did not choose it!

Although my life was different now, I did not want to say I am tired of being fat. Not anymore.

I think it would be your wisest choice to purchase some home gym fitness equipment to really REALLY help you to lose the much-desired weight

Please leave any comments or queries regarding weight loss below and I will reply to you within 24 hours.

All of the information is for educational purposes only and it is not to override any medical advice.

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