What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Quickly: You Will Be Told


If you are thinking “What is the best way to lose weight quickly“? Then good for you. You know that either you or a person that you know has problems. In the post that is following this, I would like to talk about some of the possible causes. So let us get right into it then, shall we?

A Possible Cause Of Weight Gain – Illness

First off, we need to find out if there is anything wrong with you. You may not even know about it yet. But, there is no doubting that having something wrong with you, an illness of some kind.

Well, it can be a BIG CAUSE OF WEIGHT GAIN if you have begun to put on a LARGE amount of weight. Then it is only right that you go and have a medical check-up to see.

It will most probably put your mind at ease anyway. And if as we hope, you do come back all clear. Then you can rule it out as a cause for your gain. And to be completely honest.

If you are very large, then, people will say to you go for a medical. Go before you start your exercise training program. To be safe. You do not want anything happening to you while working out.


What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Quickly

When you are trying to find the best way to lose weight quickly, rule some of these things. They may only cause you to gain weight, not lose weight.
This Cartoon Of A Fat Man On A Diving Board Should Be Asking What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Quickly

1. Aging

It is a widespread problem. Because when people get older, they lose their muscle mass. Now as we may or may not know. Muscle is an excellent calorie burner.

So then, it would stand to reason that when a person is losing their muscle mass due to age. Then there are fewer muscles to burn off the calories we are eating. The result is, yes you have guessed it. WEIGHT GAIN.

2. Depression And Stress

It is also a big reason for weight gain. Because, sitting, lying or hanging around. Or even doing nothing will, therefore, mean that you will not be using any of them up (The Calories). The body will, therefore, store them as fat. The result I am afraid of is – WEIGHT GAIN.

3. Fluid Retention (Holding on to fluids)

When the body holds on to fluids, why, because water is everywhere. It is in your blood, organs, muscles and also bones. It is a possible reason for this build up of fluids.

And that is the fact that you MAY have too much sodium in your system (salt is sodium). Now, do not get me wrong. Sodium is a crucial thing for the body to have. But too much of it can cause unwanted swelling and puffiness as well as WEIGHT GAIN.

There is a way to counter this though. And that is to eat potassium-rich foods like bananas for one example.

Another time you may get water retention is if you are sitting or standing too long. An example of this is a test driver of excavators and other machinery. I would sit for long periods. Now gravity has its role to play in this.

Gravity means that the blood tends to rest at the lower end of the body. In this case your feet and legs. It will, of course, put added pressure on the blood vessels themselves as the blood sits. That will cause some of the fluids to leak out causing the swelling as I am saying.

Other Potassium Rich Foods

4. PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Now, if you have PCOS, then people more than likely say you need to lose some weight. To see an improvement in the condition. Am I right? Well, we know that it can be a real challenge when it comes to losing any weight with this.

You may have different levels of something called insulin resistance. Or, your metabolic rate may have slowed right down. And, your appetite control system may not be working correctly.

Although this condition is not all that uncommon. The general public does not know a lot about it. Please, read about it on that link. As this results in WEIGHT GAIN.

5. Hormones

For a fact, the hormones Grehlin, Leptin, and Cholecystokinin play their part. Their part in why a person does not feel full or satisfied after eating a meal. That means that the woman will, therefore, overeat and have more calories. It will also result in WEIGHT GAIN.  

A Diagram Of The Digestive System.

6. Digestive Problems

According to a popular website, over 60 million Americans suffer from digestive problems. That can be, bloating, diarrhea, gas, constipation and also heartburn. They are all signs of poor digestion.

When the body is not good at absorbing the nutrients vitamins and minerals that it is getting. Then this can upset the metabolism which can result in WEIGHT GAIN.

7. You Could Be Missing Out On Certain Nutrients

As I say, the inability of the body to absorb the right and healthy vitamins and minerals it is getting. Really can upset the metabolism. Thus you suffer from WEIGHT GAIN.

8. Medication

Medication, now this is a big one. I suffered from this problem for a long time. It is true that many drugs are kind to your health. But an enemy when it comes to putting on weight. They WILL have you gaining.

There is no question. If you have any doubts and you are regularly taking any form of medication, that talk with your medical professional. Ask them the side-effects and is one of them WEIGHT GAIN?

Therefore, what is the best way to lose weight quickly to be in good health in the first place? Is it not? It is. But I am aware that we do not ask to be ill. And more often than not it just happens to us through no fault of our own.

There are two things a person can do though. It will mean that the chances of getting one of these terrible illnesses are a lot less. What are they? Why of course, they are proper old diet and exercise.

This site has a lot of foods on it, which you want to start eating if you’re going to keep well. And as for the exercise, you need it to help to burn off any of those unwanted calories. As too many calories were the cause of your weight gain in the beginning.

So, what is the best way to lose weight quickly? Do as I say, diet and EXERCISE. And unless you have an illness, then they WILL WORK. If you do have a disease, then correct your diet. Even then you will feel better. If you THINK you may have one, then GO FOR A CHECK UP WITH A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, AND THEY WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.

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