Protein Foods For Weight Loss: Were You Aware Of This?

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Protein Foods For Weight Loss

Yes, excellent juicy steaks are the right protein foods for weight loss. I can hear some of you singing yes right now. Yes, I’m telling you that you should channel your inner hungry beast, and eat the meat.

We’ve all heard of cutting out carbohydrates for weight loss and cutting out fats for it too. But what about increasing protein foods for weight loss?

Are protein foods for weight loss all that important? How does protein help you lose weight? We’ll answer all that here. Therefore, not only can you feel confident eating more meat, but you can also reply to the next person who tells you you’re doing it wrong.

Picture by BobKehl, Werewolf,
Picture by BobKehl, Werewolf,

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The Importance Of Protein

Out of the three macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and protein). Protein is going to be the most important one. Protein is ESSENTIAL to life. It not only helps you recover better, but it helps your bones and muscles grow that including your organ muscles.

You need it for a healthy immune system. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that carbohydrates and fats aren’t necessary because they are for optimal health. However, if you were in a situation if you were only to eat protein you’d be in much better health, and function a lot better.

Note: Again, want to state, that you should include protein, carbohydrates, and fats in your diet plan as they all are essential. But I’m trying to say, that it should be your primary focus.

Increase Protein Foods For Weight Loss

When dieting, the absolute last thing you want is to have that anorexic, death camp survivor look, bereft of any muscle, unable to do crazy stuff like defy gravity with a middle finger while lifting the weight and possibly involving a dragon to slayer playing in the background. No, You want the opposite. YOU WANT TO LOOK GOOD NAKED.

She definitely gets her protein foods for weight loss.
She gets her protein

So happily, it has been shown that for athletes, and regular people with jobs alike, that increased protein for weight loss in clinical practice indicates that higher-protein diets have resulted in more significant weight loss, coming in the way of fat loss, and preservation of lean mass compared with lower” protein diet counterparts (1,2).

Not only that, but protein can keep you fuller for longer since protein takes more energy to digest, and in turn can help you manage your weight loss better (3).

What About An Increase In Protein Being Bad For You?

What about things like protein leeching calcium from your bones?

Protein supplementation in the elderly who have a case being prone to hip fractures shows that it attenuates post-fracture bone loss, reduces medical complications, and even increases muscle mass,

(4) and higher protein intake in all individuals has been shown that calcium absorption and retention has been a lot better and high protein intakes positively affect bone health (5).

And what about the kidneys?

Unless you have one kidney, then it is wise to watch your protein intake carefully, but otherwise, if you drink plenty of water, then all is well. No, high protein intakes are not the cause of kidney failure. High blood pressure and diabetic complications are, and guess what?

Protein helps improve blood sugar levels and hypertension! (6, 7). High protein intake does not cause kidney function decline, and it doesn’t cause renal diseases (8).

How Much Protein For Weight Loss

The best I’d say however is to shoot for a minimum of 1.5 grams per body weight in KG. You can never have too much protein. You should get your protein sources from real foods like steaks, chicken, eggs, etc.

Always make sure you eat it with the fat on and skin on it. Regardless of what you THINK you are aware of, the fat is where the good stuff is, and it’s not unhealthy. It is beyond the scope of this post, so I’ll get to why the fat intake is not such a bad thing at a later date.

The Bottom Line With Protein Foods For Weight Loss

Mostly, protein foods for weight loss have the GREEN light. It helps you feel full, and your body will be lovely to look at too. (Therefore, this means, you will look good naked).

Of course, however, you still have to keep track of how much you eating and the quality of food of which you are eating. Moreover, the best way to do that is to start by setting a caloric intake suitable to you and going from there.

Meat, however, is where it’s at, and the green vegetables are rich in protein for weight loss. Like broccoli for example, as you will be that one step closer to becoming a giant killer. So go ahead, unlike what you often hear, eat your steak, and be like a terminator.

Image Credits: Jon McKenzie The Terminator
Image Credits: Jon McKenzie The Terminator


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Furthermore, once you have got protein foods for weight loss into your diet, then, all that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success.

What am I talking of here? The exercise of course. And as a result, I am confident you will find something suitable for your budget, and more importantly, you.

In conclusion, I will offer you this, although the eBook on offer is not “A diet” as such. A DIET means restrictions, and YOUR DIET is everything that passes YOUR lips.

However, if you have a healthy one, then everything is OK. Read the contents of my eBook if you think you need help eating the right foods?


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