Is Pork Good For You? 3 Reasons Why It Might Not Be Healthy


Is Pork Good For You?

Well do not worry as in this post I will answer your question is pork good for you or not, as the case may be. Some eat it some don’t, here’s why.

Why Do Some People Not Eat Pork

There are two MAIN reasons why people do not eat pork. Some people dislike the actual taste of the meat while some, will not eat it for religious reasons. The first reason I explain it in such a way is that you either like it or don’t. However, if you are not keen on it, then do not eat it, for it is food to eat and lose the weight you need. Period!

Just because it is packed full of protein and will, therefore, fill you up, it does not, however, mean you need to be force-feeding yourself, not at all.

Is Pork Good For You?

The second and strict religious reason I will not even attempt to break down. Just know that the religious person does not eat it. That is all I have to say on this subject

You Like It, But Is Pork Good For You?

I mean, some of us like pork so much that they steer clear of it in social situations because once they start eating it, they cannot stop. I suppose this can lead to all kinds of awkward situations, but, it does not answer the question is pork good for you?

Photograph Of A Pork Hotdog With Mustar

The pork itself, it must be said, is one of the most widely eaten meats and it is readily available down at your local supermarket or store.

Right, now I shall shed some light on a subject that is uncommon to everyday people’s knowledge. Pork is one of the hardest meats that we have available to digest.

That’s why it is imperative to ensure that you only eat lean cuts beef, ham, or pork such as the tenderloin. We much more easily digest these lean cuts of meat with having a lot less fat in/on them as a species.

But, Is Pork Good For You After All?

But is pork good for you? Well, the pig that we eat takes between 4.5 and 5 hours of digestion time and If you have eaten lots and lots of it then obviously this will then receive an even more extended amount of time. It is a long time when the body focuses on extracting goodness from the other healthy items of food that you have consumed.

Photograph Of Some Fatty Pork Stakes

So in essence no, I don’t think it is all that good for you! Now here are some unpleasant facts about the pig from where your “Delicious” pork comes from at least.

  1.  The pig will eat almost anything. It drinks urine and eats dead and decaying animals and excrement too among other disgusting things
  2. The pig carries around 30 diseases that we humans can catch. It surely is not as good as we eat their meat.
  3. The pig is a poisonous creature, so much so that mother nature developed a direct “overflow” pipe down the  inside of each leg which discards puss and general filth that the pig can not absorb into its body quick enough, needless to say, some of this it is possible to get into your so-called delicious pork

From a personal standpoint, it has been several years since I have eaten pork of any description. It was not due to any other reason than the fact that I don’t like the taste of it.

My friend used to be a pig farmer, and I have to admit that his sausages were fantastic, the only pork that I could eat really. But unfortunately, the farm is no longer active, so that was a short but sweet period.

A Photograph Of Some Lean Pork Stakes


What Can We Learn From This Post, Is Pork Good For You?

So what are we to take from this then. I think that we can make it that, it is by no means necessary for us to have to eat pork. It is entirely feasible that we can eat it and not gain the weight though as quickly as it can be left alone and we won’t put it on either. As I said, it is somewhat irrelevant to our weight loss goals and aspirations. If you like the taste of it, then eat some. If it is that you do not like it, then don’t eat it. Either way, it should not affect you.

As I said earlier, eating lean cuts of meat such as the tenderloin will do you little or no harm, and they are so much easier to digest. So is pork good for you? Well, it is not too bad, but it would have to depend on how they raise the pig and where the source of the meat originated.

I think this is a gamble and having read up on the facts about swine (pigs) all I will say is feel free to choose how you wish. As they proverbially say, “the ball is in your court.”

Next, I will move swiftly on to some products that WILL assist you with/in your weight loss “campaign.” As long as you TAKE ACTION

You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? Exercise, of course. Check out the reviews at the top of this page. I am sure you will find something suitable for your budget, and more importantly, you.

Please leave any comments or queries regarding weight-loss below, and I will reply to you ASAP.



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