Is Ham Bad For You? Basic Info On The Great Food

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Is Ham Bad For You?

Ham is delicious, at least I certainly think so. But is ham bad for you? I guess you will want to know the answer to this as this is often the case. Usually, when something tastes so great, we are then informed that it is in some way bad for us!

Well In this post, I aim to list the good and the bad facts about ham, and then ultimately, you must decide how often you wish to eat it, if at all.

By the end of this post, it will be the answer to is ham bad for you? or not.  And it will allow you to make a much better decision in finding the best foods to eat and lose weight.

When I think of “hams”, I conjure up images of bacon and that greasy slice of heaven that I’ve had for years. However, the truth is that ham isn’t all that bad for you – in fact, it’s one of the healthiest foods available today. There are several reasons to include it in your diet.

For starters, there’s the fact that it’s one of the least-processed meats on the planet. Unlike most meats, the skin has been removed from ham thus rendering it healthier because it doesn’t have any excess fat or connective tissue to trap in your body. Instead, the ham is covered in a good, natural, whole-food protein like bacon. So eat some ham! You’ll notice an increase in energy and stamina, your metabolism will quicken, your heart will work a little faster and your digestive system will thank you for eating a healthy snack.  However, it all depends on different factors so keep reading.

Is Ham Healthy For You?

Is Deli Ham Bad For You?

So Is Ham Bad For You?  Or Is It Healthy?

  • If unopened, it will last 5-8 months if it is kept in the freezer and frozen on the day of purchase, which is a considerable length of time indeed. The same ham, if it is in the fridge, will last from between 1 and 2 weeks past the “sell by” date. That, again, allows some time for its consumption.
  • You can either cure ham wet or dry. It can have age, or you can even smoke it. And as such, they have a longer shelf life than any of the fresh meats.
  • Also, too much sodium can increase the risk of stroke, hypertension, and even kidney disease. So, aside from your weight issues, this also is something that we should be aware of!

Is Ham Bad For Cholesterol?

  • To help to preserve the meat and improve its flavor. Some people will use nitrates. It happens when you cure ham and ham steaks. Scientists think that it may be one of the causes of certain kinds of cancers.
  • As I am saying, the sodium content in the ham has to be of some concern to us. So, regularly munching your way through a lot of it is not suitable for us. We should all, by now, realize that salt is not ideal for the body. That is why soak the ham in warm water for up to 12 hours before cooking it. That will help to remove some (not all) of the excess salt from it.

Please also remember you do not need actually to eat food. Not at all. You can get what your body needs from making easy juicing recipes for health and weight loss!

That Concludes Is Ham Bad For You Or Is It Healthy

These are the main pros and cons of eating what otherwise delicious ham is. So, is ham bad for you? No, I do not believe that it is. Please, take note of the negatives. And now on to something a lot more positive. You are surely feeling positive towards your weight loss task, yes.

You see, once you have got your diet under control. Then, all that you need to have is the other half of the solution. That is for your weight loss attempt to be a success. What of what am I talking about? The exercise, of course.

Please leave any comments or questions about the weight loss below..

All of this information is for learning only. And it is not to take over any medical advice that has its suggestion.

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