My True Weight Loss Story: I’ve One, But What’s Your Excuse?


True Weight Loss Story

As I will say in one of my other posts, I became disabled around 8-9 years ago due to nothing more than a slip on some mud in the garden. While falling I smacked my head on the edge of a wall, and I was out for the count. Therefore, I will give you my true weight loss story.

I Would Remember

However, for some strange unknown reason, I seem to remember very quickly thinking before I slipped into unconsciousness that “OH NO I HAVE DONE SOMETHING BAD“………

Eating Vegetables Is A Big Part Of My True Weight Loss StoryIf you read my about me page, you will get a short description of the coma time and my waking from it, but I wanted to focus more on the years that followed. That is where I gained all of my weight.

At first, Well for the first six months at least, I did not gain any weight what so ever. Although slowly but surely I started to notice a few lbs of extra flesh appearing mainly around my stomach. “oh no I thought,” and it did not take me long to figure out the reason why this was happening. The answer was a simple one.

My True Weight Loss Story: Inactive As can Be

It was definitely due to my inactivity as I was now not able to walk and was confined to a wheelchair. I was as idle as can be. Even then I could see a huge problem coming in future years. And then it just faded into the back of my mind as I was whisked off to a care home for a couple of years.

healthy 39It wasn’t until I moved into my lovely flat in a beautiful area that I began to pile on the weight. At my heaviest, I weighed in at 18 stones and 3 lbs. (14 pounds to 1-stone in the UK)

I Had To Listen

That, I knew, was not good at all and my friends and some of my family became concerned about me. I had to listen. At first, it just fell on deaf ears. I did not want to admit that I had become overweight, but in truth, I had, rising from a modest 11 stone which was a little on the light side for someone 6 ft 1.”

It is where I began my research if the truth is known. It is all without anyone’s knowledge, and thus, I decided to do a site about it both during my attempt to lose it and once I had met my goal. Then, I continued as I would become aware that my knowledge was worth sharing.

I had a disliking for taking pills anyway especially as I was already on so many because of my accident. I soon would realize that the NATURAL WAY was the correct path that I must follow. So I did just that.

I adjusted my diet and came up with a healthy diet menu to follow. A few doors down from me, I was lucky enough to have a man who lived a very healthy lifestyle. He ate correctly and would exercise regularly. I will always remember he would say to me that weight loss is a simple equation.

Lose Or Gain It’s Your Choice

If you eat less than the average amount of calories, you will lose weight. If you eat more, then you will gain weight. Simple. So lose or increase it’s your choice, so I am thinking for a long time. “Yes it is ok for him as he can burn the calories off through his exercises,” but I cant.healthy 35 But surely because I was living such a sedentary lifestyle, it shouldn’t mean that I cannot burn any calories at all so guess what I started doing to lose/burn some. I started Sta-sits. For those of you who do not know what this is, it is just the joining of two words. It is standing and sitting.

Yes, it was that simple an exercise. I just pulled up to one of my walls and grabbed hold of the rail I had in place, and just stood from my wheelchair and then sat back down. I repeated this until I physically could not get up one more time. It was a great exercise that my good friend would indirectly suggest in other conversations.

So you see it always helps to seek impartial, honest advice. Although you may not like what you hear, very often the truth hurts.

My True Weight Loss Story: Listen To Some Others

So listen and take it very seriously when you receive the statement ” You need to lose weight” Throughout this site, there is a plethora (lots) of information on the weight loss, so have a good read and try to absorb as much as possible and return to it when you need.

I am aware that not everyone can find the time nor have the inclination to do some home exercises to lose weight, you should at least try. You may be one of the few lucky ones that need not exercise for your weight control, but what you must remember is what goes on inside the body. Your diet and the level of exercise you partake in, without question, will determine how healthy you are.

So please try if not for your weight then for your health. For those of you that have a disability that completely prevents you from exercising my heart goes out to you it does. I mean come on, I have limited abilities, and I manage a little so for you, non-disabled people  THERE REALLY IS NO EXCUSE AT ALL.

You Can Lose A Lot Of Weight Without Using These

You see you can lose a lot of weight without using these products don’t get me wrong. However, using one or more of these pieces of apparatus will give you a considerable advantage over those that do not care or do not want to use them. You must think of it as a natural short cut and should be the only one that you consider.

Forget these so-called “diet” pills. Click below to read a review of these fantastic items. There are plenty to choose from indeed.

You see, once you have got your diet under control all that you need to have is the other half of the equation for your weight loss attempt to be a success. To what am I referring? The exercise of course.

Check out the reviews at the top of this page; I am sure you will find something suitable for your budget, and more importantly, you.

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