I Hate Being Fat – 1 Truth That They Will Not Tell You, Ever


I Hate Being Fat

If you are saying, or even thinking the words, “I hate being fat,” then you have only two choices.

CHOICE 1: Remain as you are, however big and unhappy with yourself you feel.

CHOICE 2: Fix the problem, because no, you do not have to be fat anymore.

Although, I am aware of which one I would choose.

This post is going to help you and will stop you from saying, “I hate being fat.”

I Really Hate Being Fat

Why am I so fat? These are words I would say to myself as I was getting bigger and bigger. That is why I am aware that what I will share with you, well, it works.

However, don’t think for one minute that the journey will be comfortable because you will not lose your weight overnight. It requires a lot of focus and determination on your part.

Do You Say, “I Hate Being Fat?”

Although, what I will say is this – You can do it, no doubts at all. And, as I am saying, focus and determination are what you need. In other words, you need motivational tips for weight loss if you are to succeed.

A woman wearing a massive pair of jeans. Before, she would say

First On The List Of 2: The Diet

Firstly, you need to fix your bad diet. Because, unless you have a medical condition, then this will be one of the two causes of your size. Because it will then lead you to say, “I hate being fat.”

It is simple. You must eat healthily to be healthy. There is no way of getting around this, in fact, no way at all. So, to do this, you need to eat foods that are –

Low in sugar.

Low in salt.

And they only have good fat.

However, you must have a lot of protein. That will fill you up for more extended periods. Hence, when you are feeling full, you will not want to snack on rubbish foods.

There is not anymore that I can write in this part. Because, if you follow the advice on those posts, you will be well on your way to success.

I Hate Being Fat: Part 2, The Exercise

Now we arrive at a part that only a few of us enjoy. It is exercise. There are not many people who take pleasure from working out; this much is true.

However, you must have the maximum weight loss you want. I am all too aware of this point myself, as I was the same as some of you.

But, in fact, as long as you are doing an exercise or activity that raises your heartbeat. It Increases your heart rate to a level of 140 beats per minute. If you do this, you will be doing fine.

Because that is where your body will enter its fat-burning mode, and, of course, this is what you want. To use up some of the calories which you are storing.

With that said, please read some of these posts. They are all to do with exercise, and they have some equipment you can purchase to use at home. That will save you from joining the local gym.

I am aware that for some of you, this will not be a choice that you wish to make. It may be because you do not feel you are in good enough condition to join. Moreover, you do not have the time.

Look at some of these then. The posts will help you, a certainty.

In Conclusion

In conclusion to this post, I will have to tell you this crucial point. Losing weight by dieting alone is possible. On the other hand, losing weight by exercising alone is possible too.

However, as I am saying, when the two are both working together, you will see faster and better overall results. So, in other words, take some time to plan your diet. Write everything out, so that you have the right menu that you can eat.

Although,  when you say, “I hate being fat.” Plan the menu carefully; don’t only choose foods that you enjoy eating. Remember, it was these foods that would get you to where you are today. Yes, saying, “I hate being fat.”

Because eating healthy is all one big experiment. You must try a whole new set of foods, only in this way will you discover the ones you like.

Moreover, it will be similar to the exercise part too. Choose an exercise or activity that you enjoy doing 100%. That way, it will be harder to have any old excuse to avoid doing it.

That is the best advice that I can offer if you are saying, “I hate being fat.”

I hope that this post is of help to you, and please, leave any comments or questions below. I will be sure to answer every one of them.

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