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Asking For Help— Flaw or SUPER POWER?

May 14, 2016

Come on ladies, this is one that likely hits-home for each and every one of us. That sense of GUILT that can be so hard to shake, or the knot in the pit of your stomach that too often feels like failure.

Let me elaborate a little further…

the feeling that will hit you that are not keeping up with the demands of your life (or even that these demands are eating you alive!)

In some strange way it is difficult to not take this personally, and not to let this feeling affect our sense of worth as women.

So when this feeling of OVERWHELM hits and you are drowning in trying to ‘DO IT ALL’, which is the stance when ASKING FOR HELP!?

Flaw and failure?

or unabashed SUPER POWER?

Lets face it ladies- we are taught that an amazing woman is someone who is able to keep their home looking beautiful, look beautiful themselves, and attend to other life duties like raising children and/or rocking a growing career.

Just a little bit on your plate, right?

Wrong. This is an unbelievable feat to ask of anyone, and the pressure of trying to manage it all on our own is downright INSANE!

Traditional cultures always had a tribe or village of people living together and working in harmony to oversee many of these duties. Todays modern woman is all too often balancing it all on her own, or with very little help.

Serious kuddos to you amazing ladies! You never cease to awe and impress me, thats for sure.

But after so many years of working with women, I can say without a doubt that

if there is not a balance and release for this constant pressure, something has got to give.

Maybe it is as small as headaches, digestive distress, or unsolicited angry out lashes- but other times it can be severe fatigue and wipe out, or full on nervous breakdown.

I can speak of this personally from a time when I did not put the proper balance into play in my life. It literally drained the energy from me and left me chronically exhausted and overwhelmed! I felt like I just couldn’t catch up.

Not only was this no fun at all (to say the least), but it also took a considerable amount of time to regain my vitality and joyfulness.

As a result of this experience, here is my plea to you-

Embrace your inner super power- the one that tells you to honor and respect your happiness and health.

Take OVERWHELM as an opportunity to show your strength and reach out for help.

This may look like:

  • finding a meal preparation service that can provide healthy meals at least one or two nights a week- that you do not have to shop for, or cook!
  • hiring a sitter or asking a grandparent to watch the kids for a regular date night.
  • outsourcing your home cleaning to a professional company, and enjoy returning to a clean environment at least once per month.
  • anything else of value to you that you can dream!

Moving past the ingrained beliefs we are taught and releasing the ‘women’s guilt’ as much as possible will transform your life.

You will become more productive and efficient, as well as move through life with way less mental stress and self-judgement. As a result you are going to enjoy your life more.

This takes practice so be gentle with yourself as you make momentum and start small.

Give some thought to your life and identify an area where you constantly feel overwhelmed. You will know when you’ve found it because you start to feel some discomfort inside.
Great! Now you know exactly where to start when sourcing help.

Please share below and help expand our creativity on ideas for support we may have never thought of.


What area of your life brings a grin to the corners of your lips to think about having extra help?

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